Thursday, March 15, 2012

#8 - Au Ag

Definitions of Au Ag:

Au Ag: Core Shell
Au Ag: Australian Antigen
Au Ag: Gold Silver

Many theories claim that the Illuminati are going to take over the airport for to form the New World Order. The hypothesis is that a disease called Australian Antigen will kill off the people, and this is their hidden clue to society. Evidently, the Illuminati's weapon of choice to accomplish the genocide is Australian Antigen.

Because the letters are in a train cart, I'm leaning more towards the Gold Silver theory. This is Colorado and we are known for our gold mining after all.


"The Denver Airport Conspiracy." Skeptoid: Critical Analysis Podcast. Web. 15 Mar. 2012. <>.

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  1. You've touched on some interesting topics I was uninformed of. It seems your leaning against the conspiracy theories and could make a claim to disprove them.