Friday, March 30, 2012

Lauren, good job narrating your process and including many interesting sources. In moving toward a claim I think two things have to happen: 1) I completely agree with John, who said, "Maybe just focus a little more on the origins of these misconceptions than whether or not they are true." You will not be able to make an argument about whether or not a conspiracy theory is true or not, BUT you will be able to look at these theories in terms of folklore and mythology, the reasons why people tell such stories, make such connections. 2) you need to do some library research, and in order to find useful sources I think the above shift in focus will help. Many more academic sources about mythology/folklore and origins of conspiracy theories, than confirming truth or not.

Monday, March 26, 2012

John Knestis (claims)

Maybe just focus a little more on the origins of these misconceptions than whether or not they are true.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

#8 - Au Ag

Definitions of Au Ag:

Au Ag: Core Shell
Au Ag: Australian Antigen
Au Ag: Gold Silver

Many theories claim that the Illuminati are going to take over the airport for to form the New World Order. The hypothesis is that a disease called Australian Antigen will kill off the people, and this is their hidden clue to society. Evidently, the Illuminati's weapon of choice to accomplish the genocide is Australian Antigen.

Because the letters are in a train cart, I'm leaning more towards the Gold Silver theory. This is Colorado and we are known for our gold mining after all.


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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#7 - Artwork and Murals

"Peace and Harmony with Nature"

"Childeren of the World Dream of Peace"


"The Denver International Airport." The Vigilant Citizen. Web. 14 Mar. 2012. <>.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

#6 - Windshield Cracks

On February 16th, 2007, a strange happening occurred at Denver International Airport. Within an hour and a half, 14 aircrafts were reported for issues within their windshields. It was unexplainable because some were taking off, landing, and some were even just sitting in place. The NTSB brought in glass experts to inspect the 22 cracked front and side windshields. The Denver Post claimed the weather changes at the time were a variable, and there were some snow and high winds gusting over 50 mph. However, those are typical weather conditions for DIA. Nine of the airlines were from SkyWest, four from Frontier, and one from Great Lakes. 55 flights were cancelled and a few others were diverted. "Airplane windshields are heavily reinforced and designed to handle travel at hundreds of miles per hour and even deflect collisions with birds. It's truly bizarre," Hodas said. "One theory is that there may have been a power surge while airplanes were connected to auxiliary power at the airport gates. Windshields are electrically heated, and a surge could have somehow weakened them. It's pretty unlikely, but it's the only thing we can think of right now," he added.

Whether or not this has to do with the conspiracies is up to each individual. Some believe it's tied in, others don't. I personally don't think it has to do with it, but more information would be helpful to form my final decision.


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Saturday, March 10, 2012

#5 - Nazi Swastika

The layout of Denver International has a design similar to a Nazi swastika. Personally, I think they could have picked a better design if they didn't want to allude to the Nazi's, but it's anyone's guess on why it's shaped this way. I was unable to find anything explaining why this layout was chosen, and I'm curious to know what makes it more dynamic and practical than other possible designs?

An aerial view of the Denver International Airport

The US Navy Barracks had a base near San Diego that had a similar situation. The building was built back in the 1960's before we had Google Earth or any tools to view an aerial view of it. When a man named James A. was playing around on Google Earth, he noticed that the building looked extremely similar to a Nazi swastika. There was outrage in the community and the Navy received many complaints about how it was offensive. They said they would add solar panels and other additions to make it less similar to the widely offensive symbol. Why doesn't DIA do the same thing, and why don't they respond to the commotion about it?

The US Navy Barracks base near San Diego

Friday, March 9, 2012

#4 - Barbed Wire

There is a rumor that the barbed wire on the surrounding fences points in, rather than out. I've also heard it sticks straight up and that there is nothing unusual about it. The one picture I was able to find appears as if it is straight up, although it's hard to tell. I can't imagine they would have the wire facing inward because that would be a huge suggestion towards something beyond just an airport...such as a concentration camp.

A commercial airline taking off from Denver International - notice there is nothing unusual about the barbed wire fencing.


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