Friday, March 9, 2012

#4 - Barbed Wire

There is a rumor that the barbed wire on the surrounding fences points in, rather than out. I've also heard it sticks straight up and that there is nothing unusual about it. The one picture I was able to find appears as if it is straight up, although it's hard to tell. I can't imagine they would have the wire facing inward because that would be a huge suggestion towards something beyond just an airport...such as a concentration camp.

A commercial airline taking off from Denver International - notice there is nothing unusual about the barbed wire fencing.


"Silhouette of a Plane Taking off behind a Security Fence at Denver International." 123RF Stock Photos. Web. 09 Mar. 2012. <>.


  1. Try and actually answer this. See if you can't see the barbed wire for yourself.

  2. Truly, this is one weird image. First, how about that crazy dress she's wearing. Could the fabric be rubber? Latex? (did they even have it back in 1937?) And what's with that little Bo Peep hat. I don't want to lay blame with Bolles,fence installation companies