Saturday, March 10, 2012

#5 - Nazi Swastika

The layout of Denver International has a design similar to a Nazi swastika. Personally, I think they could have picked a better design if they didn't want to allude to the Nazi's, but it's anyone's guess on why it's shaped this way. I was unable to find anything explaining why this layout was chosen, and I'm curious to know what makes it more dynamic and practical than other possible designs?

An aerial view of the Denver International Airport

The US Navy Barracks had a base near San Diego that had a similar situation. The building was built back in the 1960's before we had Google Earth or any tools to view an aerial view of it. When a man named James A. was playing around on Google Earth, he noticed that the building looked extremely similar to a Nazi swastika. There was outrage in the community and the Navy received many complaints about how it was offensive. They said they would add solar panels and other additions to make it less similar to the widely offensive symbol. Why doesn't DIA do the same thing, and why don't they respond to the commotion about it?

The US Navy Barracks base near San Diego

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  1. This is really cool. I've never heard of buildings being built like nazi swastikas, but then again I never look at buildings from a bird's eye view. Maybe you could go into more detail about who did the floor plan and initial blue print of the DIA. I think it is less important if it could be fixed, but more interesting if it was done intentionally.